In the future story of Divya Drishti serial we will see an interesting twist where Drishti and Divya both sisters are alive while Anjaan will be seen Pishachini`s puppet.

So far we have seen that Drishti attacked her sister Divya to kill Pishachini as this was the last option and a chance to kill Pishachini.

It was very well known to Drishti that if she will kill Divya then she will also die as their life are connected with each other.

Thus she attacks her sister with the dagger which in turn kills her as well.

Anjaan makes an entry to save Divya Drishti but his actual intention is to get the magical stone from both the sisters.

Divya-Drishti shocked seeing Anjaan with Pishachini

We will see that Anjaan will remove that dagger where secret will unfold when he will give that stone to Pishachini.

Drishti and Divya will get shocked seeing Anjaan is Pishachini`s puppet who was helping her.

It seems like both sisters will died but that is not true, Divya and Drishti both will stay alive and they will lost their magical powers.

Now it will be very interesting to see how Divya-Drishti will fight with Pishachini without their powers and who is Anjaan.

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