In the upcoming track of Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji serial viewers will see an interesting twist with leap ahead as Rocky will get 3 Years jail for kidnapping Smiley.

So far we have seen that police arrested Rocky with false allegations to kidnap Smiley where all this conspiracy is planned by Ranveer Shroff.

Now Rocky is helpless as he cannot prove his innocence, Smiley also gave statement that she was kidnapped by Rocky.

Later on Sanya will jump into and will meet Rocky in jail claiming that she has a strong evidence which will prove Rocky's innocence.

RV fight Smiley's case, Rocky sentenced 3 Years jail

In court, RV Shroff will fight Smiley's case as he is not aware of the truth that all this is done by none other than his younger brother.

Rocky will wait for Sanya where Sanya will make entry with hidden intentions to take revenge Rocky.

Here instead of giving video evidence to court, Sanya will give her statement that Rocky is the person who kidnapped Smiley.

After all the hearings, at the end court will give 3 years of jail imprisonment for kidnapping Smiley.

Bonus: With this hearing, show will take 3 years of leap where everything will be changed post leap.

Now it would be interesting to see what will happen next in the coming episode and whether this Rocky will get changed after 3 years of imprisonment.

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