In the upcoming track of Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Rocky fight with Ranveer as he was misbehaving with Smiley.

So far we have seen that Rocky-Happy got Anaya's birthday party contract and Anaya is happy with the decorations done by them.

Anaya has also requested and assigned Ranveer to monitor Birthday party decorations.

Ranveer is younger brother of RanVijay Shroff (RV), he visit birthday place where he misbehaves with Happy's sister Smiley.

Rocky loses his temper and fight with Ranveer seeing he is misbehaving with Smiley, Happy also notices the same.

Ranveer warns Rocky, Happy blames Rocky

On the other side, Ranveer warns that he can snatch this contract as he is RV's brother.

Happy blames Rocky that he also did the same thing with her so how can Rocky save them from goons.

Rocky feels bad and leaves from there as Happy tagged and compare him with goons.

Later Happy will feel guilty and will decide to say sorry to Rocky.

Rocky and Happy decide to put all this things aside and just focus on to convert Chintu's dream in reality.

Now it would be interesting to see what happens when Ranveer will inform all this to Anaya.

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