In the upcoming track of Dil To Happy Hai Ji serial, viewers will see some interesting twist where Chintu Ji to die and Rocky to take revenge from Happy.

So far we have seen that Happy get married with Chintu for sake of her mother and daughter.

Happy married with Chintu but this relation will not go long.

As per latest reports on IwmBuzz, Chintu Ji will die in the show which will make storyline very interesting.

And if this rumour will be true so we can relate this news with new promo where Rocky is marrying with Happy.

Rocky to take revenge from Happy

As per new Promo Rocky has kidnapped Happy where he tortures her and take vows to take revenge from her.

Rocky also decides to marry her so that he can make this plan successful.

Now it would be interesting to watch whether Chintu will really die and if yes, how Happy will live with Rocky.

Stay tuned for more updates of Dil To Happy Hai Ji. 

Dil To Happy Hai Ji New Promo

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