Zee TV: In the upcoming episode of Aap Ke Aa Jane Se, viewers will see some interesting twist as Sahil and Pankti opened a chaat corner business.

Pankti want to earn money so that she can help her mother whereas Sahil wants to prove himself that he is not a loser.

The deal between the two is that Sahil will do bring customers while Pankti will cook to food for them.

Vedika and Maya becomes first customers of Sahil and Pankti Chaat Corner, Vedika tastes PaniPuri and congratulates Sahil for this business start.

Vedika in tears seeing Sahil-Pankti together

Sahil-Pankti starts getting theirs customers where Sahil gives the earned money in Vedika's hand.

On the other hand Maya instigates Vedika that this is just a beginning of Sahil-Pankti's love story where Vedika denies this.

Now it would be intersting to watch how Sahil-Pankti's Chaat Corner creates new twist in the storyline.

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